Arcturians | Are They Galactic Watchers and Protectors ?

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Arcturians | Are They Galactic Watchers and Protectors ?
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When we think of GOD, we envision a superior force or entity far surpassing our human knowledge and understanding. But is it really a single deity that's governing over us? Or rather various other gods that make up this equation?

Since time immemorial, earthlings have been worshiping countless deities, be them malevolent or good, and have fought over which one is greater, or which one of them is the supreme creator.

This in turn lead to a hierarchy of gods and lesser-gods that have exerted their influence on mankind across the ages.

We now call them "aliens," although in the past they had various other names and titles. Evidence of their influence is found spread across all areas of the globe where different cultural groups have expressed it.

It's no secret that lesser alien species are playing their part in our evolutionary process, hindering us from reaching enlightenment and ultimately leap into the 4th dimension. These malevolent forces have a vampiric nature and are sucking our vital energy and crippling our spirit.

Although the Arcturian aliens are watching over us, we are still residing in a latent state prolonged by our ignorance, making us susceptible to harmful attacks from vile ETs. This way our vital energy is trapped by different species of aliens at work.

To overcome this sleeping state, we must raise our consciousness and let the Arcturians cast away the spell that has been cast upon us by the wrongdoers. Fortunately, things are moving in that direction.

Which side of the fence will you choose?

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