Are you for real? Alien festival takes over UFO sighting spot

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Hundreds of alien aficionados flock to the Argentine town of Capilla del Monte every year to attend the 'Alienigena' Festival, a three-day celebration of all things otherworldly.

The festival kicked off its seventh edition on Friday and is expected to end on Sunday. Footage shows extraterrestrial fans parading through the town's streets in full alien dress-up, taking time to recount their own close encounters of the third kind.

"My experience was when I was 5 years old. I was in the car with my parents. I was coming from the summit and in a fairly steep descent we saw a very big light on the horizon, it was very strong, very luminous, very bright and this left a sign on us," festivalgoer Marcela shared.

"My encounter was with a ship at the country houses, lying down down on a stone. The sun darkened, the sunlight darkened and when we looked the spaceship was passing two metres away from us," festivalgoer Rosa Lopez reminisced.

As a legend reportedly goes, a UFO landed in Capilla del Monte in 1986, leaving its mark on one side of the Pajarillo mountains. Since then the village has made a living off UFO tourism.

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