UFOs and aliens bringing tourists to Argentina

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Capilla del Monte, Argentina's capital of alien tourism, 725km from the capital Buenos Aires, has been the site of numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects and two and a half meter tall aliens, said to have appeared on the nearby Uritorco mountain.

"I am Capilla del Monte. I present my name as I have the honour of being the descendant of a legacy. Before being myself, I was a village that became a meeting point for mysterious settlers," says an enigmatic presentation about the town.

Its streets are filled with shops selling dolls, costumes, and other handicrafts that evoke flying saucers. A sculpture of a UFO also adorns the town, while organized tours for tourists to go and observe flying saucers are a daily routine.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Hugo Daniel Bronn, member of the Uritorco Research Group
"In Capilla del Monte, UFOs are real, ships are and have been loved. There is footage of alien beings and there are pictures of alien beings. They are real. Now, why they come here is a mystery. "

The alien frenzy in the city has reached such a level that, a few days ago, it held the 4th edition of the Alien Festival, which included lectures, dances, a fancy dress competiton, as well as an "alien marathon", which was held in the streets of the small town.
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