12D ETs - Overwhelmed? Stay Calm - A Peek into the Future

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2012-10-01 12D Beings, Mayan day 1 Storm

Transcript http://www.scribd.com/doc/116442165

Hello, my Ancient Friends -- I apologize, but I come to you in distress.
Greetings, Theresa-Ann -- we see that. Please tell us.

I was just listening to Alec Newald, an ET contactee/abductee and author of Coevolution. I hadn't heard of him before. I was also reading on Scribd.com a few pages of the book. My distress arose from this.

I don't trust many ETs is the truth of it, for too many have their own agenda and only pretend to be of Light -- so there are things in Alec's story that make me wary. For instance he was taken and spent 10 days, allegedly, out of his physical body. And I'm not sure a clone is not involved, perhaps in his return. Anyway, my reading is with much caution...Distributed by OneLoad.com
Alec Newald
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