Ancient Aliens

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The possibility that ancient civilizations might have encountered or even been influenced by extraterrestrials has fascinated us for as long as we knew there were distant suns they might visit from. Today we will examine the evidence and consider the numerous scenarios form the perspective of the Fermi Paradox, to see how reasonable the Ancient Aliens hypothesis is, and ask if the evidence of UFOs visiting us in the past is credible.

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Ancient Aliens & the Fermi Paradox
Season 4, Episode 22

Isaac Arthur

Darius Said
Edward Nardella
Jerry Guern
Keith Blockus
Mark Warburton
Matthew Campbell

Isaac Arthur

Cover Artist:
Jakub Grygier

Graphics Team:
Isaac Arthur
Jeremy Jozwik
Ken York
Kristijan Tavar

Isaac Arthur

Music Manager:
Luca De Rosa -

Martin Rezny, "Lifelight"
Aerium, "Windmill Forests"
Phase Shift, "Enigmatic"
Chris Zabriskie, "There's Probably No Time"
Lombus, "Hydrogen Sonata"
Ancient Aliens: Official Series
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