Anunnaki, Planet Nibiru, Ancient Sumeria, and Human Origins

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Before the Bible, the Sumerians recorded many of the same popular stories. The problem is, they discuss the human origins in further detail, anunnaki aliens, nibiru planet x, and fantastic interstellar travelers. Explaining the natural progression of humans by means of alien intervention. The legendary Zecharia Sitchen formed one of the most convincing theories on the evolution of man and our place in the solar system and this video on ancient annunaki and the origins of humans is a very interesting watch.

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So most of us have at least heard many of the stories from the Old Testament of Noah’s flood or the garden of Eden. …well, these stories originated in Sumer long before the author put the words on papyrus.

Ancient Mesopotamian had a belief system that included amazing characters as Anu, the supreme being and creator, and KI, the goddess of the Earth. The Anunnaki are supposedly the offspring of Anu and Ki and were served by Lgigi mining natural resources. Eventually, the Lgigi revolt against the Anunnaki causing the Anunnaki to create human to aid in the labor.

We learn of the planet or star Nibiru, home of the Anunnaki. Following the facts you see that there is scientific evidence contradicting what we have been led to believe. There is life on other worlds and they have been visiting us for thousands of years. We are being misled because the 9th planet Nibiru is near.
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