Billy Meier - Asket's Explanations Part 4 - 1/2

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Billy describes the experience of travelling through time and how his companion Jitschi became irrational and developed fanatical tendencies against the Christian religion through his experience of time travel discoveries of our true past, even though he was previously a devout Christian before the journey.
Asket also provides insight into the origins of the Great Pyramids and how they were used to save mankind from extinction during the Great Deluge in 9545 BC which was foreseen by the seer Saurid, son of King Sahluk, 300 years prior.
Asket also tells how the horse originated from North America, not Europe and that North America was colonised by humans from other worlds many times, and many times they annihilated one another, often with nuclear weapons. Examples of destroyed cities can apparently be found in "Death Valley" and the "Valley of Fire".

Billy Meier
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