Billy Meier - Interview with Billy from 1988 part 1/2

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Billy answers the following questions:

1st Question:
Ozone holes, climatic catastrophes, earthquakes, hurricanes, AIDS, the nuclear threat... the situation on earth appears to be threatening. What do the Pleiadians say to all this?
2nd Question:
Why are the Pleiadians interested in the fate of the earth?
3rd Question:
You had your first contact with extraterrestrials at the age of 5 years; afterwards you lived for a long time in India, as well as other places; it appears you had been prepared for your task. Why were you apparently chosen for it?
5th Question:
According to the extraterrestrials, how can we still save the earth here and now?
4th Question:
What do you think of the legend that 3 million years ago 144,000 Pleiadian souls reincarnated on Earth to aid the development of this planet?
6th Question:
The Pleiadians distinguish between religion and spirituality. What do they mean by spirituality, what do they believe, what spiritual direction do they use, and what are their customs?
7th Question:
With your name, Mr. Meier, one associates, particularly in the USA, the debate concerning your fantastic photos and films. However, only a few people are inquiring into your message. What has gone wrong?
8th Question:
You have many enemies, also particularly in UFO circles. What do they have against you?
9th Question:
Many famous people came to see you, such as Shirley McLaine, Hermann van Veen, and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, among others. What did they want to know and what did you pass along to them?
10th Question:
There are now all types of reports concerning extraterrestrial activities and contacts, e.g., with the "Ashtar-Commando", UMMO, or the "Galactic Union". What do the Pleiadians have to say about that?
11th Question:
If you had to paraphrase the Pleiadian message in a few words what would it be?

Billy Meier
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