Billy Meier - Interview with Billy from 1998 part 2/3

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Billy answers the following questions:

Question 1:
When and under what circumstances did your contacts with the extraterrestrials begin? (How long are they supposed to last?)
Question 2:
Could you possibly provide me with a broad outline of how many human races inhabit the universe?
Question 3:
Where do the extraterrestrial intelligences come from with whom you maintain your contacts, and why are they, in particular, the ones who are visiting us on Earth?
Question 4:
Could you describe to me what takes place during one of your contacts? Has the procedure changed from the early days?
Question 5:
How long does it take the Pleiadians/Plejarans to travel through space from their home worlds to Earth? And how is it possible for them to span the astronomic distance of approximately 500 light years?
Question 6:
Why do the extraterrestrials not land in full view of the public, for instance in front of the United Nations Palais in Geneva or on the White House lawn in Washington?
Question 7:
Why does "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier of all people have contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans, but no one else does?
Question 8:
You have by far the most extensive, best quality photo material and movie footage regarding extraterrestrial flying objects, landing tracks, and so forth which are absolutely unique on Earth. How was it possible for you, a one-armed man, to take such photographs?
Question 9:
Why did the extraterrestrials mandate you to take photographs and movie footage of their beamships and their flight maneuvers?
Question 10:
What other material do you have as evidence?
Question 11:
In spite of everything, you continue to be accused of having photographed only small models instead of real space craft, etc. --- some skeptics say you used double exposures and other photographic maneuvers. What do you have to say about such claims?
Question 12:
How do you defend yourself in view of the inflammatory defamation campaign against you by people such as the American Kal Korff, individual representatives of MUFON and others?
Question 13:
On Earth countless people are lying about their "contacts" with extraterrestrials; among them are the so-called mediums and channelers. Could you tell me your opinion, respectively that of the Pleiadians/Plejarans, on this pesky matter?
Question 14:
How did you wind up with the nickname "Billy"?
Question 15:
When and where did you have your first meditation?
Question 16:
You are a cautious man when it comes to making new acquaintances. Why do you lead such a reclusive lifestyle in view of the nature of your important mission, which must be brought forth to the world?
Question 17:
How has the Mission evolved over the past 20 years?
Question 18:
Approximately 20 years ago you founded FIGU, the "Free Community of Interests for Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies." What are this groups's goals and tasks?
Question 19:
What type of people are in FIGU?
Question 20:
Some people claim FIGU is just another sect like so many others. And they say that Billy Meier is a guru. Is that true?
Question 21:
What are we to think when we read in the texts that you are the true prophet of the New Age?
Question 22:
How do you feel being among the people on Earth when your original birthplace was in far higher regions?
Question 23:
How did our universe and our world come into existence?
Question 24:
Is there a Creator-God in spite of this?
Question 25:
What is Creation? What does this term supposedly mean?
Question 26:
What role does Creation play in our human lives and that of all the others?
Question 27:
Please define such Creational-natural laws and commandments in concrete terms.
Question 28:
How did human beings on Earth originate? Did they really evolve from the ape?
Question 29:
To date how long has terrestrial Man existed?
Question 30:
Is it true that humans have more than one life?
Question 31:
Regarding the topic of reincarnation, mention is often made of "Karma." Just what is "Karma"?
Question 32:
There are people who claim they died and saw the Beyond. Is it true that this really happens?
Question 33:
Can someone contact the Beyond and those who are dead?
Question 34:
The terms "channeling" and "medium" are part of this "contacting the Beyond" topic. What are we to think of them?

Billy Meier
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