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Many thanks to Billy Meier for dedicating your life and risking your life to bring us the Spiritual Teachings and the Peace Meditation!
Humanity owes you more than we can afford to repay you. Many Blessings to you from my Sirit!
To learn about the Books Billy wrote about the Spiritual Symbols and Lessons, goto
Also, learn the Natural Light Meditation/Peace Meditation taught by Billy Meier's and classified Top Secret by the CIA, for free?

Here are some facts you can research to help you decide..
Our brains produce a 4th brain wave at night while you sleep called the theta wave. Online you will find references to theta healing.
That is because theta waves kill parasites and viruses in our blood, and this stops us from being sick because most illness are caused by parasites or viruses in our blood.
That's why doctors always say,"get lots of rest" because they know we will heal ourselves with theta waves.

The meditation Billy teaches uses natural light to amplify the creation of those theta waves, this kills more parasites and viruses, even the stronger ones! And the increased theta waves being produced naturally by our brains also start to have other benefits!!

I teach an advanced version using a convex mirror and sunlight, but beginners can start by going to this site and listen to the audio tapes made by Randolph Winters:
And following the steps provided in the two online audio tapes called "LearningMeditation..."

Please feel free to do some research and ask me questions. I don't know everything but I will do my best to answer any questions you might have.
Peace in Wisdom
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