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OVNI : Billy Meier 1975 , foto real de la Extraterrestre ASKET ?

Pleiadian Agenda - Time For Truth

Humans Vs Reptilians - The Final Battle For Earth [No Fiction]
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Billy Meier Michael Horn
Michael Horn has been researching the Billy Meier UFO Contacts for over 25 years and is now the authorized representative for the book on the Meier case, and Yet They Fly. Amazing photos, films, and other physical evidence, Michael's main focus since 1988 has been on Meier's prophetically accurate world event-related information.

Billy Meier Prophecies
Their message is clear: earth is in trouble, the people have been asleep, and we must make drastic changes or there will be devastating consequences for all of mankind.

Michael Horn Official Site for Eduard Meiers:

Billy Meier ☕ Tape 16 UFO Pleiadian Semjase Beamship Video Photos
Billy Meier
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