Billy Meier: The Love of The Creation

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The Love of The Creation by Achim Wolf

In the rustle of the wind, when the breath blows the leaves of the forest to whisper, you can listen to her soft voice.
In the rays of the Sun, which are like fingers of light through white mountains of clouds that reach out to warm your body, you can feel her warmth.
In the cheerful laughter of the children, when they chase each other and play, and forget everything around them, you can feel her deep joy.
In the throbbing of your heart, when you have a loved one close to your skin, pulsates her inexhaustible power.
In the becoming and passing of life, of the moment when a child is born, and at the moment of death, she's always present in love.
In the Galaxies, Suns, planets, the comets, gases, clouds and all particles down to the deepest levels of her regulating power, wisdom and harmony.
In every blade of grass, in all plants and animals, in everything that moves and seemingly rests, in the roar of the sea, in the thunder of the lightning, reveals her everlasting power.
Through the light of truth, of wisdom, of peace and harmony, which awakens your Spirit to life, you can feel her existence inside.
It is her love that sustains everything alive, and it bears the name that permeates everything:


Published in 'Voice of the Aquarian Age' No131 June 2004

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