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Videos en Inglés: Como Hablar Ingles fluido y mantener conversaciones en inglés con personas nativas | Tú puedes aprender a hablar bien: Curso en Inglés…
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Curso de Inglés: Cómo Aprender Conversaciones en Ingles, Vocabulario y Pronunciación.

La percepción que domina en el mundo es que el idioma inglés es la lengua franca, por el simple hecho de que es la lengua más estudiada como segundo idioma en todo el mundo.

Pero a diferencia de España o Alemania, en nuestros países latinoamericanos, es muy difícil alcanzar un nivel aceptable de fluidez al hablar en Inglés.

Y como estamos seguros de que tú estás tratando de superarte y dominar el segundo idioma más hablado en el mundo, hoy te vamos a dar técnicas prácticas para que mejores tus habilidades para expresarte fluidamente en el idioma inglés.

• Ready? Let’s do this!

The first thing you should know, is that you have a great advantage over the generations of people who wanted to learn English before you.

Because in the past you had to invest a lot of money to buy learning materials. such as, videos, audios and books. The internet was not as advanced as it is now. Computers were more expensive and they were not fully multimedia as they are today.

It’s hard to imagine that just a few decades ago, you could not listen to music, watch videos or enjoy all the audio and video that you get free through the internet now.

• So, we are going to help you take advantage of the Internet by giving you the best 5 ways - for you to learn to develop fluency when you speak in English.

Here we go!

✓ Number 5. Learn songs, quotes and speeches by heart.

This will benefit your English because you'll be learning material that is pleasant to you, as well as to others. It will also give you fluency and remove doubts and fears about your capacity to perform well when speaking English.

✓ Number 4. Listen to spoken English as much as possible.

You can watch entertaining programs, T.V. series or movies that match your interest. They can be about computers, science, fashion, design and so on. Remember to activate subtitles in English or in Spanish if you need them.

Focus on understanding the message not the individual words. But at the same time keep track of the new words that you are learning - so you can build up an extensive vocabulary.

✓ Number 3. Learn and practice general and specific vocabulary.

What we mean with this is that everyone has to go through the basic vocabulary, for example, reading schedules and maps on a train, on a bus or at subway stations. But you also have to learn vocabulary related to your area of expertise.

✓ Number 2. Devote time to understand and use proper English grammar.

Depending of your level of knowledge and mastery of the language, it's absolutely vital that you learn and apply the language continuously, using the correct grammar.

Remember that you are not aiming for perfection, but for efficiency. This means that if you are speaking to someone and make a mistake on your grammar, you are to go back and correct yourself quickly and just continue talking.

✓ And Number 1. Face bravely the opportunities that life gives you to practice your English speaking abilities.

Traveling internationally is becoming more popular than ever. Therefore if you see someone that might look like an international traveler, you have to seize the opportunity and try to start a conversation with that person.

» Practice is the KEY!

The Internet gives you a wide range of opportunities to listen, learn and practice real life English.

The most meaningful activity you can do to internalize the language is practicing your knowledge in real life conversations with real people.

We just gave you 5 solid strategies so you can achieve your goal to speak the language of international business and culture. Remember that fluency in the English language comes after hours and hours of intentional practice.

And as you gain fluency speaking the English, you are on your way to continue captivating, guiding and inspiring others to improve their lives as well.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”
— Nelson Mandela


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