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Through in-depth harrowing interviews with contactees and frank conversations with ufology experts, Extraordinary: The Seeding explores alien hybridization programs, why they're happening and their impact on humanity.

This film is the second of a trilogy from j3FILMS, following “Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story,” which focused on UFO phenomena, abductions and a hint of hybrid children. “Extraordinary: The Seeding” will take audiences deeper into the phenomena.

FEATURING April Malloy, Geraldine Orozco, Robert Fullington, Richard Dolan, Barbara Lamb, Yvonne Smith, Marc D’Antonio, Alejandro Rojas, Chase Kloetzke, Susan Bedell, Melinda Leslie, Sierra Neblina, Maren Mastin, Jason Friend

NOW AVAILABLE ON DIGITAL AND ON DEMAND: https://radi.al/ExtraordinarySeeding



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Stan Romanek
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