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Stan Romanek’s extraordinary life story is not just about UFO images, abduction experiences and the infamous “alien in the window” video. The evidence is there. It’s everywhere. In significant abundance — more than 195 documented pieces of evidence to be exact. We didn’t need to tell a story that has been shared in detail in Stan’s first book, “Messages: The World’s Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story,” as well as via numerous TV shows, radio stations, magazine articles and blog pages.
We very much wanted to tell a human story.
With this project, our goal was simple: Show audiences how one man has been transformed physically, emotionally, intellectually, politically and spiritually due to events that transpired over 11 years. For those who don’t believe, we have one simple question: Why would anyone choose Stan’s life? No man in his right mind would raise his hand and say, “Pick me! I want to be the subject of constant scrutiny and ridicule for the rest of my life.”
At the same time, we have to wonder: What if Stan’s experiences are real? What if the messages he’s received are intended for all humanity? What if Stan’s just a messenger — one chosen to deliver information he never volunteered to receive?
Those are the questions we wanted to answer. And we share Stan’s journey from a humanistic POV rather than focus just on the evidence. It’s a compelling story, and one that’s never been told before — about Stan or anyone else.
Stan’s not alone … and we may not be, either.
Stan Romanek
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