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Giants found in the Celtic British Isles, a look back in time to a different United Kingdom, Giants cyclopes druids and King Arthur.
Nephilim/Giants are the monsters of human appearance but prodigious size and strength common in the mythology and legends of many different cultures. There are 1000's of places named after Giants all over the Celtic world.
Stone henge was known as "the Giants quire" which is interesting as Stone Henge is known for its harmonic vibrational properties.
In a Welsh legend there was a giant named Gria who was said to have defeated 28 knights, afterwards he challenged King Arthur to combat making it impossible to avoid. King Arthur was also said to be a war mongering Giant himself and as the tale goes they fought and fought until they decided to pick up the sword which lead to Arthur taking Gria's head only to be later killed in battle by Mordred who was said to be the rightful aire to the throne.
Virtually everywhere Mordred appears, his name is synonymous with treachery. He appears in Dante's Inferno in the lowest circle of Hell, set apart for traitors.
Finn McCool, what a name and the so called creator of the Giants causeway in Ireland was said to have built it to reach Scotland to battle a giant named Bendonner. As the legend goes he almost shit himself when he seen the size of Benadonner and pretended to be a baby, when Benadona arrived he started playing with the so called child and Finn responded by biting his finger off which made Bendonner flee thinking if his child was that big then Finn McCool must have been huge. Finn actually was a good Giant as he was helping the Scots as Bendonnor was terrorizing the coast of Ulster.
The cyclopes and another name lost to history was King of the Formorians a monstrous race of giant beasts who owned the Island prior to the first invaders arrival. Balors evil eye was sometimes described as the third eye which also spitted fire and poison which was said to be caused by his fathers druids mixing a potion which infected his eye and also gave him x men like abilities to add to that non of marvels characters are original as they can be found in the hidden taboo of the past, the scorch marks on the island where he is said to have lived are still visible today adding a hint of truth to the myth. Balor met his fate in a great battle between two super human races, was this the great biblical war between the nephilim and the angels or as i believe the nephilim against the Anunnaki Empire and yes there is a link to this as the sumerian cuniform tablets tell a tale of Enki or Thoth his original name creating the Nephilim by spicing their DNA with our original humanoid form which can be backed up with science as we have 4000 plus genetic mutations and 223 genomes not of this Earth, they did this because the Anunnaki grew tired of mining gold themselves so Enki devised the plan but this was against the Nibiru Anunnaki law as it was abolished and forbidden eons ago. It is written that they took the rib from Adama in Edin and placed it into an Anunnaki female, this is the missing link in our DNA, by doing this they incurred gods wrath King Marduk to wipe the abominations from existence. A quick recap, Adama, Edin, Nephilim the fallen angels, gods wrath, a great war against Anunnaki/angels and Nephilim which can be described as a type of great flood. Now i can't put my finger on where i've heard that before. Please watch the video for more information on The Giants of the British Isles from Celtic mythology at mythology explored by ancient mystery on youtube.

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