Hidden Egyptian Pyramid Drawings of the Nephilim Hybrids Builders!! (LAND of the GIANTS - Part 2 )

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24BaZZa PreSenTz - Land of the GIANTS Series-
Nephilim Hybrids!! LAND of the GIANTS - Part 1 : http://youtu.be/T0Fs8w3qm9I
Nephilim Hybrids!! LAND of the GIANTS - Part 2 : http://youtu.be/E1O7O-mOgYo

Genesis 6:4 -
"The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown."

Deuteronomy 1:28
"Where are we going up? Our brothers have made our hearts melt, saying, "The people are greater and taller than we. The cities are great and fortified up to heaven. And besides, we have seen the sons of the Anakim there."'

Numbers 13:33
"And there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak, who come from the Nephilim), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them."


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