Jim Nichols & Wendelle Stevens; UFOs & Alien Contact

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UFO Hypotheses featuring Jim Nichols, Volume One

In the eighth DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, celebrated UFO essayist, talk show host, artist and author Jim Nichols shares his years of accumulated understanding and insight in a powerful, positive seventy-minute lecture on "The Message" given to Earth humanity through various contacts between human individuals on Earth and human being ET visitors from the Pleiades. Nichols begins his fascinating talk with his earliest exposure to purported Pleiadian information given to Eduard "Billy" Meier by Semjase of the Teygeta star systen in the Pleiades, and delves not into the external evidence but instead into Meier's voluminous contact notes published by longtime UFO contact investigator Wendelle Stevens, in a series of four "Messages From The Pleiades" books. From there, Nichols takes you on a journey through the various influential UFO contact cases involving Pleiadian-shared insight into humanity, including material from Shirley MacLaine, Charles A. Silva, and Barbara Marciniak, from whose writing Nichols first learned of a reptilian ET species. Nichols shares his view on how each of us is connected to a creative source of unlimited potential, and offers insight into how humanity may deal with a very regressive ET presence. Also included is a compact thirty minute Q&A session, followed by a special bonus twenty-minute segment as Nichols and colleague Wendelle Stevens share their own perspectives on the reptilians, from a 2006 interview session.

UFO Hypotheses
Billy Meier
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