Lovelock Cave: Red-Haired Giants of Ancient Nevada - DOCUMENTARY (Part 1)

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WATCH PART 2 HERE: Hugh Newman follows on from his and Jim Vieira's research in 'Giants On Record' and visits the mysterious Lovelock Cave in northern Nevada. It is said to be where red-haired cannibalistic giants once lived and were killed off by the Paiute tribe hundreds of years ago as written about by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins. They battled with these giants called the 'Si-Te-Cah' which translates as either thigh-eaters or tule-eaters. Numerous mummified remains were discovered from 1911 onwards when digging for bat guano in the cave and over 20,000 artifacts were also excavated. The earliest dating is at around 2700 BC, but the site could be much older as local caves such as Hidden Cave and Spirit Cave have yielded dates as early as 7,400 BC. The video also includes exclusive aerial footage and rare accounts from private journals and local news reports.

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