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Nephilim Giants of Spanish Hill. According to the story with multiple sources in 1916 a burial mound was discovered near Sayre at a place called Spanish Hill. But instead of Indian bodies, W.K. Morehead, Dr. G.P. Donehoo and A.B. Skinner of Philadelphia’s American Investigating Museum dug out unusual large skeletons.
They were reported to be on average, seven feet tall with 4 inch horns protruding from their brows. The bones were supposedly dated back to 1200 AD. They were sent to the Philadelphia museum, where according to legend they disappeared.
“Shining Ones” is an ambivalent term used for both the Nephilim and their first born. The “Shining Ones” are often depicted with horns on their heads. This was a symbol of wisdom, but also of rulership. This is why shamans, priests, and kings adopted the convention of wearing horns also, especially in the form of the crown, according to writer Mary Sutherland.
This was to primarily indicate that they were descendants of either the Atlanteans or the Lemurians and were endowed with power.

Giant, horned human skeletons were unearthed just south of Elmira and Wellsville, NY.
A 30 + year old male skeleton was discovered in a mining area of the El Paso area. The Skull had two small horns protruding from the forehead area.

This is the article that got the “horned skeletons” story going. The Moorehead expedition occurred in 1916. Strangely – there have been many accounts (including the Jesuits Relations) referring to the Andastes as “devils”. The valleys of the Susquehanna is made up of 5 counties in Central Pennsylvania – Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder and Union counties.
According to Deb Twigg, Executive Director of the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center of Native Indian Studies,
”This is the headline from the earliest news article that that she could find. It is from 1916,( as opposed to the 18 eighties.)
This article goes on to video for more.....

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