Northern Indiana's Ancient Nephilim Giants. The Evidence.

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Did the Nephilim giants once inhabit Northern Indiana? 7,000 B.C. the Maritime Archaic Nephilim giants of northern Northern Europe began sailing and settling the northeast coast of North America. They would migrate south and west. Subsisting on hunting and fishing they came to northern Indiana to live among the thousands of lakes in the region. Their Nephilim giant's remains have been found in many of the burial mounds of northern Indiana.
Nephilim skeletal remains as large as 8 foot in length were documented in burial mounds. The burial mounds discovered were the result of investigating over 300 burial mound and earthwork sites in this part of the State. Burial mound locations were published in "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley." The historical accounts of the Nephilim skeletal remains discovered in burial mounds was published in "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."
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