Seriously Strange Mars Anomalies That Suggest NASA Has Found the Unthinkable

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This video shows mysterious anomalies on the planet Mars, which may indicate current or past life or civilization. Some photos reveal what looks like spreading trees, what does NASA say about this? No less a personage than respected author Arthur C. Clarke said that they resemble Earth’s Banyan trees. There is also evidence that some of Mars rover pictures were taken on Earth. Take a long and hard look at this images and explore the details. These structures are not “rock formations,” something is going on on Mars. There are tunnels, buildings and artifacts on Mars.

This researcher has unearthed these remarkable evidence from thousands of images released by NASA. The artifacts don't appear to conform to the terrain, in the sense that they shouldn't exist, but they do. We could be looking at the remnants of a long lost Martian civilization.
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