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Happy Thanksgiving from the Mother Goose Club!

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We all sit down and show we're glad,
Each brother, sister, mom and dad.
We give our thanks for fruits and meats,
For vegetables and special treats.

We thank the world for nature's joys,
For sunny skies and friends and toys.
We all sit down, our thanks to say,
And celebrate Thanksgiving day.

Everybody, shout hooray!
Let's make every day Thanksgiving day.
Friends and family, school and fun,
Let's all give thanks now, everyone.

Get ready for Thanksgiving when you watch and share Mother Goose Club's newest animation, Thanksgiving Day! We are so thankful for our fans around the world. Stay tuned for more holiday videos, sales and promotions this season!

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¿Día de Acción de Gracias | Thanksgiving Day?
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