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It is amazing just how many strange discoveries have been stumbled upon by complete accident. Some of the most baffling mysteries have been found by pure chance, hidden away in the shadows before suddenly being thrust into the light to baffle and perplex. On an isolated hill in Scotland just such a discovery was made, when there were found a collection of mysterious, anomalous coffins that have never been explained.

In June of 1836 a group of young boys set out to go hunting for rabbits of the slopes of a place called Arthur’s Seat, in Edinburgh, Scotland. The location itself is an ancient volcanic hill already steeped in history and legend, giving it a mystical air, and it is here where the boys stumbled across a small cave on the north-east slope. The cave was not easy to see, more a gap in the rocks than anything else, concealed there behind some stone slabs for who knows how long, and boys being boys of course they just had to investigate. The curious boys peeked inside the dank murkiness of this long forgotten cave and there lined up within the gloom were 17 tiny coffins, each one of them only 3 or 4 inches long and containing within a meticulously carved wooden doll with wide, gaping eyes and dressed in clothing that had been expertly fashioned of cotton. The coffins were arranged in two tiers of eight coffins each, and a third one with only one coffin on it, with the dolls less decayed and rotted away the higher the tier was, that solitary coffin and doll at the top looking to be the newest. The Scotsman newspaper would describe the finding:

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