The Mystery Of Baghdad Battery Did Ancient People Enjoy Electricity

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The Baghdad battery, also known as the Parthian battery is an ancient out of place artifact that was discovered inside a tomb located in an area southeast of Baghdad called Khujut Rabu. It is called the Baghdad battery as it is actually a functioning voltaic chamber, albeit one with a rather low output voltage.

The piece has fascinated the paranormal community due to its age – believed to be over 2250 years old. Because the Baghdad Battery displays a previously unknown level of technology in our ancient predecessors it is often cited as evidence of ancient alien influence.

Scientists have placed the age of the batteries around 250BC. The batteries were discovered quite by accident in 1936 by a group of workers who were excavating an area in order to build a new railway track.

While the battery was unearthed in 1936, it wasn’t until 1938 that a German scientist by the name of Wilhelm Koing discovered what the item really was. At that time Mr. Koing was the director of the “Baghdad Museum Research Lab”.

He found the item while looking through the basement of the building. Initially he believed it to be an ordinary clay pot which was 14 cm in height and of an egg like shape. However it wasn’t until he opened it that the really astonishing discovery happened.

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