The Origin of Vimana - The Ancient Aircraft from 4000 Years Ago | Ancient Mysteries #6

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Vimana, the first flying machine or UFOs of mankind in mythology. Vimāna, is a flying palace or chariot, described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics, which is controlled by mind. The Pushpaka Vimana of the demon king, Ravana, (which was taken from Lord Kubera, and returned to him by Rama), is the most quoted example of a vimana.

In 2012, Evidence of unexplained ancient aircraft can be found across the planet especially in areas where major civilizations once thrived. Physical evidence of alien intervention in human history is undeniable. Ancient Astronaut Theory seeks to explain alien presence in the past linked with Ancient Aircraft and purported landing strips, especially in areas like India (Vimanas), Egypt, and Mesoamerica.

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