The Untold Account of "Jesus" and the Essenes (Talmud of Jmmanuel)

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Jerusalem, 1963 - A Greek Catholic priest, Isa Rashid discovers a small cave in the slope of a nearby hill. His friend, "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, removes the rubble partially obscuring the entryway, crawls inside, and exhumes a set of ancient scrolls wrapped in animal skin and encased in a dry, crumbly resin. Upon their examination, faded yet fully legible pages of Aramaic text reveal a 2000-year-old biographical narrative of a man named Jmmanuel who devoted his life to teaching.

After narrowly escaping a break-in were his home was machined gunned, he managed to escape with an already translated 36 of 100 chapters of the scrolls from Aramaic to German. Isa Rashid ultimately paid with his life when he and his family were eventually assassinated by the Powers That Be, but not before the 36 chapters were sent to his friend in Switzerland who then assembled the text into the form presented in this book.

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Jmmanuel: The Real Story of Who We Call "Jesus Christ" (The Billy Meier Tapes):

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