Tic Tac UFO over Toledo, Ohio.

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Witness description:
"My daughter and I went for a walk in the neighborhood with our dog a little after 8 pm. At around 8:23 pm I saw a silver object flying NE and not making a sound and without a blinking light that commercial aircraft have. I recorded 36 seconds and then continued on. We then turned left onto castlerock . As We crossed Brancaster I saw it again but this time it was headed SW. This was my second recording with my iPhone (56 seconds) again with no sound or any blinking lights that our aircraft’s use. FYI I think I might have recorded the second clip in slow motion mode because it’s super slow which might be a good thing! Lol "

Source Link: https://www.mufon.com/
Filmed in Toledo, Ohio. 7/28/2020 8:25 pm
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