UFO sighting - may 2019 #3 / avistamiento de ovnis mayo de 2019 #3

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Video #1
OVNI/UFO Bergerac France .Mai 2019 (Ralenti conseillé)
may 15, 2019
Bergerac, Francia
La Lumiere dans les tenebres

Video #2
UFO Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant • 18 mei 2019
may 18, 2019
Eindhoven, netherlands
UFO Meldpunt Nederland

Video #3
UFO hovering over North Tehran.
May 5, 2019
North Tehran, iran

Video #4
UFO sighting part2
may 20, 2019
Chicago, Illinois
Ken Ross

Video #5
Weird object in the sky - Sao Paulo - Brazil
may 20, 2019
sao paulo, brazil
CellPTV Channel

Video #6
Армия нло на луне
may 18, 2019
Moscu, russia

Video #7
UFO spotted in 29 palms California on 5/20/2019
may 20, 2019
29 palms, california
Crazy Cody's Creatures

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