Unexplained 12 Feet 4 Meter Tall Nephilim Alien Giant Soldier Created US Military Genetic Experiment

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So the rumors about American giants from US army base in South Korea is just confirmed true thanks to this incredible footage obtain by Igor Kryan. Military Humvee height is over 6 feet or almost 2 meters. If you install 4 feet or over 1 meter tall HMG on Humvee roof or .50 caliber Heavy Machine Gun like you are seeing here the total height of vehicle would be almost 10 feet or over 3 meters. This soldier towering above other soldiers and 10 feet Humvee with HMG on top making his height close to 12 Feet or 4 Meters tall also making him real Nephilim giant. The military intelligence insider said they secretly created those Nephilim soldiers in this lab and brought them to South Korea to intimidate North. Average height of North Korean solider is only slightly above 5 feet or 1.5 meters, and US military intelligence is trying to scare them out with 12 Feet 4 meters giants. But this giant size also makes them a good target on the battlefield.
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