Yiye Avila (Espanol with English translation)

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Yiye Avila in Puerto Rico with RW Schambach (1989)

Yiye Avila was born in Camuy, Puerto Rico (1925) to a family of JEWISH BELIEVERS! OMG! He was EDUCATED with a degree in SCIENCE and taught Chemistry and Biology for 22 years! OMG! He ALSO was a BASEBALL PLAYER and BODYBUILDER! OMG! And in 1953 he was 2nd runner-up for Mr North America! OMG! OMG!Then he TRAINED FOR THE OLYMPICS! OMG! OMG! OMG! But, he got CHRONIC ARTHRITIS which ended his sporting career. So he turned to JESUS and was HEALED! OMG! When he saw Oral Roberts, he was INSPIRED to became a HEALING PREACHER! and EVANGELIST! OMG! He PREACHED in OVER 100 COUNTRIES! OMG! Although he became a WORLD PERSONALITY, he remained HUMBLE and lived in the SAME HOUSE and SAME WAY as he did from BEFORE his FAME! OMG! He died in 2013 at age 87. What a LIFE! OMG!

Yiye Ávila
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